Fine-Flavour dark chocolate from a family-run cocoa farm

Grown in Grenada, Crafted in the Cotswolds


For 75 years Lawrence Ramdhanny and his family have proudly grown organic cocoa at L'Esterre Estate in Grenada. But it wasn't until 2022 that his granddaughter Bobbie, tried making their own chocolate. When they tasted it they knew they had to share it with the world.

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  • Superior Flavour

    Our cocoa speaks for itself, that's why we only ever add sugar. Tasting notes vary between berry, deep citrus, passion fruit and salted caramel with a satin mouth-feel. In the words of Annalisa Barbieri 'it is so smooth, delicious and not a hint of bitterness or dryness'.

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  • Grenadian Climate + Volcanic Soil

    Our nutrient-dense volcanic soil results in a fruity, flowery cocoa, grown amongst fruit trees following agroforestry principles. WE never use chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers, achieving maximum flavour.

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  • Grown by us, made by us

    From our farm in Grenada to our mini chocolate factory in Warwickshire, we grow, ferment, dry, roast, grind, temper, hand-pipe and package all of our own chocolate. There's no need to add any additives or preservatives with cocoa this fresh & flavourful.

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Recommended by Annalisa Barbieri in her Observer Column 'Notes on Chocolate'

'Across all the permutations it is so smooth, delicious and not a hint of bitterness or dryness –even the 85%. This is beautiful, magical chocolate; I felt quite emotional eating it'.

- Annalisa Barbieri, 'Notes on Chocolate', The Observer, Sunday May 5th 2024

A little chocolate company with soul

As the first Grenadian cocoa producer and chocolate maker in the UK, we're on a mission to make pure Grenadian chocolate world-renown for it's incredible flavour and sustainable growing practices.

More than chocolate, our aim is to make farming cocoa more prosperous throughout the island, from leading by example.

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