More than a chocolate shed

This is a shed with potential.

This shed will house a tiny chocolate factory.

But I'm not talking about potential for just a chocolate factory.

It will be so much more than that.


Grenada’s potential

A gap missing in Grenada, which I'm certain is the case for many small island nations. Visitors at L'Esterre often remarked how much natural bounty we are blessed with--flavourful fruits, herbs, bamboo, not to mention spices and cocoa. The unanimous observation:


'Gosh with all these beautiful plants and trees, you could make everything you need right here-- paper, cosmetics, soap, oils, packaging, food. You wouldn’t need to import a thing’

But the fact is we do. It's near impossible to run a successful enterprise on the island that harnesses the island's raw ingredients without facing immense challenges. Operating on a small tropical island typically means:

small local demand

limited human resources

an unfavourable climate for manufacturing and storage

substantial added costs bringing in capital

and the lead time? months, sometimes years

not to mention extortionate export costs

We're more vulnerable to global shocks, there isn't much convenience in any form. And the margins? Slim.


Building an alternative

Another critical link is missing: how do we make Grenada's products more accessible and desirable to the big wide world? Effective branding, marketing and communication are key. How do we connect the missing link? We’ll draw it out until it becomes real.

If you want something to change, you need to build the alternative.

You need to show a different way of life.

Unpacking potential

We begin with chocolate, then, in the not-too-distant future, you will see more island pride joining the movement. All we need to do is communicate our story better.  

Our little island can become accessible. Our little island can become desirable.

There are already some seriously admirable businesses on our little island. All of whom have faced multiple challenges, and overcame all odds; Calabash Hotel, OMI skincare, Crayfish Bay Chocolate, De La Grenade, and Tri-Island chocolate to name a few. These businesses have built the alternative. They are real life examples that a different way of life is possible.

Now is our time to start building the alternative. And it starts with a shed.


Until next time. Love, as always,


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