Resurfacing, building better foundations

One of the hardest things to do in life is to not give up.

I have recognised this trend throughout my life; I have excelled in giving up. No wonder I feel like i’m always on a constant cycle of starting things. I never quite stuck to one thing and kept it rolling. Maybe I go in too hard and all at once, so much passion and curiosity that I forget to pace myself.

I moved schools way more than my siblings, I bounced around jobs in multiple industries and countries, fluctuating between working for myself and working for others.

Maybe I get bored easily. Maybe most of all, when things start to get tough. I run.

Perhaps you’ve seen yourself in this situation before. Perhaps you have given up too soon and kicked yourself for it. Perhaps we all just need to find the balance a bit better.

When L’Esterre first happenned, I was on a high. We were changing things and everyone was excited. Then everything got serious, things went wrong and suddenly I felt like the bad guy. I second guessed my own ability the entire time.

I tried to stick at it, but instead I spiralled without realising, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Feeling like I couldn’t stay but I also couldn’t leave.

Then I went so far in the other direction slowing right down, appreciative of all life’s small miracles, only to realise that what I really needed was to find the balance between the two: sanity and purpose.

My recent trip back to Grenada put this all into perspective again. Slowly, I am learning not to walk away and not to make any brash decisions. I’ve put together my understanding of finding this balance and all that has been happening at L’Esterre during this time.

Now the dust has settled, I am ready to do things again—but not overdo it. And so chocolate making commences this week. It’s about time isn’t it?

For all those that need to hear it —here’s to rediscovering sanity and reviving your purpose.

As always, with love,


Words that changed my world:

“Hard work is important. So are play and nonproductivity. My worth is tied not to my productivity but to my existence. I am worthy of rest“

- Glen Doyle

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