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L'Esterre Chocolate

70% Grenada Fine Dark Chocolate Buttons Pot

70% Grenada Fine Dark Chocolate Buttons Pot

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120g Fine Dark Chocolate Buttons. Perfect for gifting friends & family. Or just more for you.


Origin: L'Esterre Estate, St. Andrew, Grenada, West Indies

Ingredients: organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar

Our Process: Why does our chocolate have such a unique flavour? Because our trees and terroir are unique as we only source from our farm, looking after our trees using regenerative methods, completely chemical free. Our processing is also wildly different from that of commercial cocoa. 

We minimally process our cocoa, carefully monitor our fermentation, drying and grinding to maintain cocoa's natural flavanols, polyphenols, nutrients and flavour. We will never alkalise out cocoa which is known to destory these unique flavanols. The only ingredient we add is raw organic cane sugar, and a little bit of Maldon salt (in our 72% + Sea Salt) to draw out different flavour profiles. 

On the other end, commercial, mass-produced, highly processed chocolate is alkalized and hydrolyzed and contains a multitude of emulsifiers and additives as it has been designed for efficiency and scale. These additions highly impact the bioavailability of flavanols and polyphenols in the cocoa.

Health benefits of cocoa: 

Food can be thy medicine, and dark chocolate may be a noteworthy example when consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate is thought to: 

  • Supports cardiovascular health: cocoa flavanols support healthy blood pressure as it contains Flavan-3-ols. Cocoa also helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels as it resists the absorption of biosynthesis of cholesterol by decreasing the number of cholesterol receptors. 
  • Stimulates brain function: dark chocolate is believed to improve the blood flow in both the heart and brain, meaning vital oxygen and nutrients get delivered to your organs and tissues. The different chemical compounds present in dark chocolate stimulate cognitive function and positively modulates mood swings. 
  • Contains iron & magnesium: cocoa is the highest plant-based source of iron, and is also a source of magnesium which is needed for optimum muscle and nerve function. 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Our cocoa is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants because of our minimal processing. This modulates the glycemic response, directly influencing insulin resistance and reducing the risk of diabetes. 

Handmade: All our chocolate is tempered in small batches and so some may not appear that exact "perfect" button shape.  

Please note: May contain traces of milk, nuts and gluten. 

Net weight: approx. 120g 

 Delivery UK-wide only

Allergen Info

All chocolate is made in a facility which handles nuts, gluten and dairy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Brigitte Di Benedetto

really good and happy that it has only 2 ingredients. healthy !

Jamie RobertsonMacleod
Great choccie

Really delicious and a great history

Helen Coupland
Most delicious chocolate!

The 70% dark chocolate buttons are my favourite chocolate ever. Absolutely delicious. A big button sits delightfully on your tongue and then has a sublime slow melt that goes on for ages. The texture is so velvety. We did buy a few pots with view to give them as presents, but we’ve ended up eating them all. Have reordered more and hopefully our friends will get to enjoy them . ( just writing this has made me reach for another yummy button )

Sally Kean-Hammerson
The Best Chocolate Ever

I have never tasted such delicious chocolate and I’ve tasted most. It’s so good - I allow myself a daily ration and keep a hidden emergency stock!!!

Clemmie Ronan
The best

Totally delicious - bought for presents so good kept half for myself. Just incredible

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